After all it had a lengthy overdue to settle with the Watch OS

By • October 13th, 2013

“What an honor and a privilege it is to be allowed to be part of an event like today. Regardless of what is going on in my universe, I was not going to miss this event for anything in the world. I want to send a genuine thank you to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its unmatched hospitality that extends far beyond this evening.

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buy moncler jackets The Wear 2.0 update has the same API version as the Android Nougat which means there are major additions to its interface that not only enhance the look and feel, but functionality of a wearable system at large. After all it had a lengthy overdue to settle with the Watch OS 3.0 (Apple iWatch) and the Tizen OS 3.0 (Samsung Gear S3). And boy, it is back with a bang.. buy moncler jackets

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