In these days of 24×7 television coverage and freedom of

By • February 23rd, 2014

Chanda Kochhar falls on her sword

Make no mistake, legally Chanda Kochhar was not and still is not obliged to quit.

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No substantial new facts have come to light since I last commented on it for her to take this step now.

canada goose coats on sale An inquiry commission has been constituted and is presumably going about its work diligently. As commissions of inquiries are wont to, this one too will sit for long and after much moaning and groaning drop the matter with a big report. canada goose coats on sale

The ‘matter’ is likely to be just as useful and malodorous as its scatological cousin. It will probably not find any wrong doing on her part but spread the blame around for ‘systemic failures’.

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She had effectively seen the spotlight of attention shift focus to other things by merely gritting her teeth and maintaining a dignified silence.

So why did she fall on her sword now?

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Although she doesn’t need the pay cheque, Canada Goose Jackets a complete vindication would be nice.

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Her husband’s financial shenanigans are clinging to her now. The board with its ham handed attempt to exonerate her (and thus itself) did not help matters.

But legally she was well within her rights not to have to fall on her sword, for there have only been innuendos and allegations of quid pro quo, as far as she is concerned.

Where her husband is concerned, there was a lot of quids, that much is known.

canada goose clearance As far as she is concerned, it seems to be correlation than causation. At any rate, none in the public domain. canada goose clearance

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Perhaps the pressure got to her finally, despite her abilities at handling pressures.

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Some have suggested uncharitably, I thought initially that she was hanging on in order to have some clarity on the fate of her stock options which are reportedly substantial. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

Canada Goose sale In their statement accepting her resignation the board made a cryptic reference to her ‘retirement benefits’. In the Canada Goose Outlet world of stock options buy canada goose jacket cheap the benefits can be withheld or denied altogether under certain circumstances. Canada Goose sale

Having been stung by the canadian goose jacket public criticism of its hasty clean chit to Ms Kochhar when the scandal first surfaced, the board must have decided to play safe and not commit to protecting her benefits.