: I would love for a news organization to do an in depth

By • March 4th, 2014

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canada goose clearance Dallas: Dear Mayor de Blasio: http://www.mycanadagoosejacket.org I have written to you before about the following issue: I am in New York many weeks at a time, and often travel the Cross Bronx Expressway. In September, I pulled over to canada goose black friday sale the side of the expressway and counted more than 200 trucks in the left lane. I know it not safe for officers to give tickets, but why can you put up cameras? Those Canada Goose Parka tickets would bring in millions of of dollars for your city. canada goose clearance

canada goose clearance sale Another idea is for canada goose coats enforcement officers to drive back and forth and take pictures of license plates, and mail tickets. Something should be done about this problem, which nobody canada goose coats on sale seems to care about. The city could make so much money! Mitch Goldminz canada goose clearance sale

cheap canada goose uk Bronx: It seems the biggest problem Americans face Canada Goose Outlet right now isn a President canada goose clearance who is continually embarrassing himself and our country. It is the slow, meticulous way the Republican Party is building a stronghold over the electoral process. It doesn matter which political party you belong to. What should matter to each and every voting American is that our elections should have the result that we, the people, decide. Not any political party. That Canada Goose Jackets is called democracy. When you canada goose unconstitutionally eliminate people from voting; when you gerrymander districts to obtain party advantages; when you use fear to sway an election, you instead form a nation under dictatorship rule. This is not a strategy employed by Democrats, who respect the Canada Goose sale laws, the Constitution and the people. Carmelo Burgos cheap canada goose uk

canada goose uk black friday Manhattan: Last month saw an unprecedented series of acts of domestic terrorism. And yet, as compared to international terrorists, none of the homegrown terrorists responsible for murdering 11 people in a Pittsburgh synagogue, for murdering two black Americans in Kentucky, and buy canada goose jacket cheap for sending bombs to 14 American leaders will be charged as terrorists. The Patriot Act defines domestic terrorism as criminal acts intended intimidate or coerce a civilian population, but does not provide for prosecution for under that standard. These terrorists will likely be charged with murder, hate crimes and related charges under federal or state law. Congress and federal prosecutors should follow the example of New York City, where white supremacist James Jackson stands indicted under a state statute for Murder as an Act of Terrorism for his murder of a black man in an effort to start a race war. All violence intended to terrorize a particular group, including that perpetrated by white supremacists, is an act of terrorism against us all. Lucy Lang, executive director, Institute for Innovation in Prosecution, John Jay College of Criminal Justice canada goose uk black friday

canada goose black friday sale Springfield Gardens: I have read and saved many excellent news articles on the inequality of property taxes in New York City. As usual, the working class (lower income) neighborhoods seem to pay as much or possibly higher property taxes than homes in trendy, upper class neighborhoods. According to your April 23, 2017, article big tax slam, the mayor has two $1.5 million homes in Park Slope and pays $3,500 in property taxes for each home. I own a two family in Queens and pay canada goose store $5,400 per year, and my neighbor has a one family canada goose deals house and pays $4,200 per year in taxes. Why are de Blasio taxes so low, when can we stop talking about this problem and when will this problem be corrected? Kathi Mitchell canada goose black friday sale

canada goose factory sale Ledyard, Conn.: I would love for a news organization to do an in depth analysis comparing canada goose outlet the cost of individual welfare benefits to the amount of money lost through subsidies, buyouts, lobbying, tax loopholes and fraud benefiting wealthy individuals and corporations. Donald Trump asserted that not paying federal taxes makes him smart. This is our role model? He tried to excuse himself by saying that he doesn like to pay taxes because the government wastes money. Yet rather than focus on that, he wants our attention on immigrants, buy canada goose jacket who make a good scapegoat for the fears generated around canada goose clearance sale supposedly finite resources. Really, America, we have enough for everyone if we eliminate greed, fraud and waste, and value people over power and profit. United we stand, divided, we fall. Lisa Allen canada goose factory sale.