Of these participants reporting a diagnosis of AMD

By • May 7th, 2014

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canada goose uk outlet Pen drives come in more varieties than you’d think. Typically, the cap will canada goose outlet either twist or pull of to reveal the hidden USB. You can choose from plastic or metal; thick or thin; twist or click; stylus tip, ballpoint or laser. After survey weighting, the sample represented a US Population of 108,719,628 people with 3.2% of participants (N=3,992) self reporting a diagnosis of age related macular degeneration. This represented a weighted sample of 3,479, 028 people. Of these participants reporting a diagnosis of AMD, they had a higher odds of reporting trouble seeing even with correction with glasses or contacts (OR 2.98, Confidence Interval 1.87 4.6). canada goose uk outlet

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