Its attitudes like your that makes MEN hate women;

By • June 18th, 2014

Fashioning politics

In no other walk of life do you see professional women routinely kitted out in ultra bright, monochromatic, jewel tone suits at least for a day behind the desk. It’s a weird phenomenon. The canada Canada Goose Coats On Sale goose outlet new york city male politicians are all blandly corporate in pinstripes and charcoal flannel; as are the staffers, male and female alike. But so often the she politicos look like their only responsibility for the day is to stay sober for the duration of the Ladies’ Auxiliary luncheon.

Not to pick on Anna Bligh particularly, she’s just one of many in a long line that starts with Margaret Thatcher, takes a vice regal detour for Quentin Bryce, glances off Helen Clark and then bifurcates perfectly canada goose uk black friday for the pant suited purposes of Hillary Clinton.

Where do these women shop? I have yet to behold a triple set canary yellow pant suit in real life ever, let alone at reputable retailers internationally. But more intriguingly, why is the monochrome mother of the bride look so de rigueur for women in political office?

Assuming it’s a conscious choice and not some colourful coincidence of wonkette taste, it can only be an active attempt at public image building. Opining on the subject of political style vs substance, super agent Max Markson of celebrity management company Markson Sparks told the Herald Sunthat image “can make or break politicians” and “how politicians project themselves in the media is how people perceive them”. He canada goose outlet store goes on to make the point that politicians’ personal images are highly managed with every aspect of their appearance down to the photo angles orchestrated minutely. He says that there are dozens of people in every state employed solely for the purpose of ensuring that “the style doesn’t overwhelm the message”.

But what of the message in the style?

For a politician, dressing up as a uni hued, glare unguarded matron seems like an odd sartorial statement. It doesn’t suggest power, statemanship or a grand national vision. It says leisured propriety, worthy causes and a questionable fixation on tonal continuity. If it exudes any sense of potency whatsoever, it’s of the small scale, domestic tyranny variety. So why do they favour it?

Presumably, for precisely that reason. The ultra feminine, post sexual look is profoundly non threatening. It cloaks ambition in the cosy mantle of maternal efficiency and deflects attention from these women’s actual discretionary power.

Of course, not all women elect seek to matronise their constituencies into beguiled submission. And for that we have reason to be thankful and hopeful. As Australia’s most likely first female Prime Minister Julia Gillard demonstrates, women politicians need no longer sheathe their leadership potential in cashmere twin sets and three metres of magenta shantung silk. With the only recent poll to ask the question, December’s Essential Media Communications’ online poll showing Julia Gillard trouncing Malcolm Turnbull as preferred Prime Minister 39 per cent to 34 per canada goose outlet in usa cent, it would seem that Australians are increasingly comfortable with the notion of vesting prime ministerial power in a female leader. The matronly masquerade is increasingly unnecessary as women’s political presence broadens and deepens.

“A lot has changed for women in politics” Julia Gillard told Sky News this week. “It’s much more usual for women to be in politics, we’re there in greater numbers. I think there is still some level of differential attention but it is changing very quickly.”

We’ll know things have canada goose black friday sale really changed when all female pollies are as happy as Julia Gillard to match their male counterparts intellectually and sartorially. Choosing pinstripes over canada goose outlet parka pink may seem like a trivial gesture but it sends a powerful visual cue. It says the wearer is all business and she’s not afraid to frighten you with an executive Canada Goose Parka decision or two.

I would consider it highly probable that the fuscia suits (+ many other wardrobe elements) eminate from the prohibitively expensive cutting room of Julie Tengdahl (designer Brisbane). It would curdle the Brisbane ratepayers blood to know how deeply Anna Bligh draws on the public purse to ’empress’ herself. In my opinion she’d be better off visiting a cosmetic dentist to pull her teeth (and head) into alignment then even the most basic outfit from Target would look canada goose outlet black friday ok on her. She is not an attractive woman and shiny monotone jewel coloured suits only bring attention to the fact.

Love the blog Mindy. I think it’s a point worth making Bligh, Gillard et al would be employing stylists so it is interesting to dissect the choices they make.

It reminds me of the Clinton v Palin comments when it came to their image one of the points made was that Palin presented a more palatable version of executive woman. canada goose outlet uk sale By wearing skirts, heels, lots of makeup etc she was conforming to the female ideal which men don’t find as threatening.

But in this scenario Clinton sits in the middle the colours of Bligh but the trouser suits like Gillard.

Personally I find the style of Bligh and Palin more domineering. And I cringe when I see women wearing a strand of canada goose coats pearls it’s so conservative and mundane.

Sometime women are their own worst enemies. Why the hell can’t she wear what she wants. Perhaps at the end of the canada goose outlet toronto factory day IT DOESN’T MATTER ALL THAT MUCH and people engaged in poltics, as well as most of the public, realise that intuitively. That realisation may be a bridge too far for a fahion editor though.

I like the juxtaposition with the other article asking “why doesn’t the world know the names of these top models”? BECAUSE THEY ARE MODELS. They may be very nice people but their public role is to look beautiful and not fall over in heels.

As a Personal Colour and Image Consultant, I can assure you that Anna’s choice of colours are well canada goose outlet nyc within her personal colour palette. Whilst many of our preconceived notions of appropriate corporate attire (or colours for corporate attire)no doubt rest in history driven by men in grey suits, if we only look around men Canada Goose Outlet themselves canada goose cheap canada goose outlet store uk are breaking out of the “tradional” and using colour to enhance their personal features through the coloured shirt and the myriad of multi coloured ties that adorn the chests of corporate warrior men!

Do we scorn her due to our own ignorance of personal colour and its application or are we victims of “run of the mill high street fashion” which is driven by the bottom line and volume?

You may wish to look beyond the racks of these mainstream fashion houses to New York fashion week only to see that Fuschia Red is the colour of Fall 2009!

Clever use of colour is both empowering and works often in a positive subliminal way. It offers the opportunity to both express youself and imprint yourself in others’ minds.

I think men are far more pressured to conform in suits, and as women we are lucky to have the opportunity of more flexibility at work I can’t imagine being strangled by a tie every day through the summer!

I was once advised by a very clever and successful woman to wear a splash of red to interviews you’ll stick in their minds just enough.

Tania Jones, your tone is like you hate men and are going to crucify men for some reason if we get a women prime minister. Whilst I agree with women being about to wear what they like; men TOO can wear what they like so BOTH genders are free not just women. Its attitudes like your that makes MEN hate women; particularly women in power. Its not about which gender is in power; its a bout WHICH gender is best suited to the role AND what that gender chooses to wear is their business and consequence. Men are part of society too and equally important in any society. I hope other women dont think that if or when we get a female prime minister that men will be worthless like canada goose you make out. Only PEOPLE who are competent, qualified and suitable should be empowered. Get off your womens power trip!!

Nice to be given the opportunity to correct the media on a point that would otherwise get published as representative of the nation’s canada goose uk outlet views. Ms Media you are again mistaken at leats among educated professionals. Can’t believe the old what are they wearing has been rolled out again (low news week?). This has been tried and tried again on female leaders in politics and business.

Noting the article is “meant to be generic” and not a cheap swipe at Anna Bligh it is worth noting that she is a highly intelligent and a well meaning polititian which cannot be said for many others, male and female. Perhaps canada goose outlet sale the clothes could be a sign of a good person that canadian goose jacket would make a boring article perhaps??

If you are a man; never comment on womens clothing particularly in any work situation; good bad or otherwise; you have no right and if what you happen to say anything that doesnt suit the women or we want to use it against you; look out; you will always loose! When we get our first female prime minister any women will wear whatever she likes; men will be completely silienced about what we wear; colour or otherwise. Premier Bligh is only doing what we women want to do; be themselves and not have to live up to mens so called standards. Go Jillian Gillard so us the way!!!

Why can’t she wear what she wants, why does she have to wear grey? Why should she want to ‘blend in’ with her male counterparts? If Julia Gillard wants to wear grey, good for her, if someone else wants to wear pink, great.

You seem to suggest the fact she is wearing pink is somehow symbolic of women not being equal to men. But surely being pushed into wearing something you’re not comfortable with just to fit in is more symbolic of a lack of equality. If men get to wear what they want why shouldn’t she.


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