Anyway long before that could happen

By • July 16th, 2014

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replica bags philippines wholesale Or becoming more centrally controlled through weapons bitcoiners never new the replica bags louis vuitton powers that be had.whatsallthetodo2 1 point submitted 2 months agoWell if you knew anything about finance you’d realise by collapsing the banking system in such away, you’d collapse the system.Mortgages wouldn’t be lent car loans, business loans ect, because there are now no depositors or any means for the banks to lend, if you can’t work out what that would mean for BTC also then I can’t be bothers to 7a replica bags philippines explain, but I’ll give you a clue in the respect of a big pin and a big bubble.So yes if you have any financial knowledge you’ll know that implementing this BTC thing into a world financial system, to take over is preposterous, because it needs the system it was created to kill, and the money and jobs that system has created.You’ll be unemployed real quick without a banking system.Anyway long before that could happen, the banks would stop withdrawals, bank runs or mast withdrawals for BTC wouldn’t be allowed to happen.Anyone who thinks this system can be beat is a fool.Steven81 zeal replica bags 4 points submitted 2 months agoBitcoin is replica bags thailand positioned perfectly to be the primary global currency when the total collapse of fiat inevitably happens.Lol at the apocalyptic writing. You probably be dead before that happens.Bitcoin better learn to leave side by side w fiat. If it is banking to the possibility of fiat collapse better stop right now.Such semi apocalyptic events do happen from time to time in world history, but it is silly to expect them in your lifetime. replica bags philippines wholesale

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