It surrounds claims that some employees in stores have been

By • July 18th, 2014

Fill paper or digital notebooks with everything you hear and see. As leaders, we are on a journey to learning something new daily. It is critical for leaders to understand that we are also a student and we are learning from every possible situation that we encounter.

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Tesco workers from the past six years could be compensated (Image: Getty)Get money updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersLaw firm Leigh Day has lodged 1,000 claims against Tesco, and estimates that the legal action could cost the supermarket as much as in compensation payouts.It surrounds claims that some employees in stores have been paid ‘considerably’ less than staff in distribution centres in a dispute that started in February.Tesco’s store assistants which are predominantly female claim they’re earning up to an hour less than their warehouse colleagues, which are largely male dominated.The supermarket currently pays distribution centre workers in excess of an hour, compared to customer facing shop staff which earn around an hour.Sainsbury’s confirms paid breaks WILL be scrapped as it pushes through contract changes that will leave as many as 9,000 workers poorer’We work hard to make sure all our colleagues are paid fairly'(Image: Getty Images)Leigh Day which announced it replica of celine bag was taking action in February celine box replica is running the case on behalf celine luggage outlet of shop floor workers that claim they are paid “considerably less than their colleagues in the distribution centres”.It said claims could apply to as many as 200,000 Tesco celine outlet employees, meaning estimated pay shortfalls could reach and the final bill for Tesco could be as high as billion.The employment tribunal added it expects even more shop floor staff to come forward over backdated pay which could go as far back as six years.Lawyer Paula Lee, at Leigh Day, said: “We’ve had an incredible response to the announcement of this legal action. Many proud members of staff have realised that this claim is not anti Tesco, but it is to ensure that the work done in stores and distribution centres is recognised as being of equal value; not the same work, but work of equal value and that they should be paid the same as their colleagues in distribution.”Both store staff and distribution staff play an essential role in making billions of pounds for Tesco executives and shareholders, they should both be paid equally for what they contribute to the business.”The concept of ‘women’s work’ is an outdated approach to employment from the middle of the last century which needs to be corrected.”A Tesco spokesperson said: “We cannot comment on an ongoing legal matter, but we will be defending this claim about equal pay. Tesco has always been a place for people to get on in their career, regardless of their gender, background or education, and we work hard to make sure all our colleagues are paid fairly and equally for the jobs they do.”Tesco’s potential pay out follows a contract overhaul at Sainsbury’s that could leave cheap celine handbags uk thousands of workers worse off.On 1 September, the grocer’s minimum wage will increase from to an hour.However, in doing so, it’ll scrap staff bonuses, reduce night shift pay, and axe premium Sunday rates.It’s a move the grocer admits will leave up celine outlet hong kong to 9,000 of its most loyal workers out of pocket some of them losing a year.Sainsbury’s said all workers will be reimbursed for losses for 18 months after the changes kick in however MP Siobhain Mcdonagh has slammed it as a kick in the teeth for workers.