Bystanders chastised the woman and unsuccessfully tried to

By • July 26th, 2014

cheap Canada Goose We were clearly a large group of Asians crossing the street,” Lee said. Bystanders chastised the woman and unsuccessfully tried to snap a photo of her license plate. Yes, they have very reactionary social views, but such views are allowed within democratic systems. There are plenty of parties in the West with arguably reactionary or illiberal views. Nevertheless, these parties run and, in some places, win elections. cheap Canada Goose

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canada goose uk black friday Had Clinton won Wisconsin, America’s political establishment would have tried to nail the coffin shut on a political movement that is just getting started. canada goose outlet online uk Had Bernie lost Wisconsin, the naysayers would gleefully have remarked that ideals and principles are nice, but FBI canada goose outlet in chicago investigations and Iraq votes define pragmatism. In short, Wisconsin kept the flame alive, despite attempts by DNC and progressive naysayers in the media (you know who they are, the same people who can’t stand H. canada goose uk black friday

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