You say that I am a condescending snob because I don think fast

By • July 27th, 2014

Or people don have time to find better restaurants.Or they need consistent quality which is something a chain restaurant provides and are willing to make a sacrifice in the curling of quality for an increase in the floor.Or they can afford better food.Or they haven been exposed to other restaurants and don feel comfortable taking chances.Let not shit on people for their restaurant and appreciate that they are enjoying themselves and perhaps suggest alternatives if they request it or it comes up in conversation.Where did I shit on people for eating at these places? I just said that its sad that people don eat at better places. In America the fast food market dominates every single city (especially poorer places) and poorer people tend to eat there because places with higher quality food and high quality cooks/chefs either don exist or are out of the budget for many people.Fast food is literally designed to be fast, cheap, and have cheap ingredients in them. How am I wrong saying fast food isn that great when you can make better food at home with your own ingredients?whatever the hipsters deem “cool”.You say that I am a condescending snob because I don think fast food provides the best food? But you turn around and call people snobs for disliking fast food? So is a snob someone that says something is not good? I eat at fast food places too but I never argue about how the quality of one fast food is better than the other because I know its the cheapest shit on the market with people hired at low wage too make this low quality food.

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