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By • July 29th, 2014

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ISTANBUL Lounging on a yacht in Istanbul’s Atakoy marina, four young Turkish filmmakers say America must see Turkey through their eyes, not through the hackneyed lens of old movies like Midnight Express, about an American imprisoned in an obscene Turkish jail, or the thirty second bytes of television news.

Western audiences are still trapped in Canada Goose online an “orientalist view of Turkey,” they say, replete with seedy bureaucrats, “dirty carpet official canada goose outlet vendors,” and lonely allies. Americans imagine Turkey to be a land torn apart by a “clash of civilizations between East and West.” That’s what sells abroad, they say, but it doesn’t represent the “true Turkey,” the Turkey they want their films to https://www.chinese-sharpei.de show.

Hollywood movies, Turkish films directed at Western canada goose outlet canada audiences, and the American students they meet here in Istanbul convince these four just how pervasive the negative images are.

Filmmakers Hakan Vural, Ferhat Sen and Cenk Erturk are all facilitators of Bosphorus University’s exchange program, which welcomes foreign students arriving in Turkey for their first time. One of the students they welcomed was a Washingtonian Turkish American named Denis Metin, whose father owns this yacht. Denis goes to George Washington University in DC and is studying abroad in Istanbul for the year. The director is from Cyprus. The art director is Armenian.

It doesn’t look so rosy from the outside, Denis says. Movies by Turks living abroad often emphasize the divisions within Turkey and “exaggerate the East West” clashes to fit consumer stereotypes. These filmmakers cite Fatih Akin’s award winning film The Edge of Heaven as an example. It’s about a Turkish prostitute’s daughter who goes to Germany to seek political asylum. She’s ultimately unsuccessful and ends up canada goose in a Turkish jail. (See the video clip.) The film won Best Screenplay at Cannes. “[Western audiences] love to see that sort of thing,” quips Hakan.

But what about “the hospitality of Turkish people, or how diverse Istanbul ishow we live togetherthe closeness canada goose outlet store of our families,” asks Cenk.

When pressed, the crew concedes there are problems in Turkey. Their socioeconomic status makes canada goose outlet reviews them more likely than others to work past entrenched differences. But they emphasize that since 2000 things have improved much faster than the media images following Turkey. I’ve lived with inflation like 80% and 90% I didn’t save anything but now we have improvements in the economy. It is some good news from the last six years.” He was surprised that these improvements occurred under the AKP, the “Islam oriented” Justice and Development Party, but will take what he can get.

For the truth, they say, look at the films they’ll make. And for now: “Look at us.”

I’m not an outcast of society, canada goose outlet believe it or not. I’m a bit of an outcast from organized religion, if that’s what you’d like to call my take on it. Last night I went with my friends to a local buy canada goose jacket cheap place to shoot pool and today I’m back in a studio I’m fairly popular in (not EVERYONE likes me, but that’s life). I’m just not docile about who I am. I’m usually pretty restrained on these forums (for me).

Bekdil, I don’t direct that shot at ALL Muslims. I know a lot of Muslim friends of mine and they tend to be (surprise surprise!) exactly the same as I am most days of the weak. You just don’t talk about how good the food you’re going to eat is while they’re fasting. The canada goose factory sale reaction from most of the Muslims I knew to that Danish cartoon wasn’t anger, it was a sort of confusion. It’s not like there aren’t leaders in America already linking Islam to terrorism as a reflexive relationship. And those people are allowed to be as bigoted as they want as long as they pay for their airtime and someone is willing to listen. So a couple cartoons on the subject don’t exactly roil emotions in Ohio amongst the Islamic community (if you can call it a community).

So I’m not talking about all muslims everywhere, all the time, no exceptions. The main point of what I’m saying is that we here in America are subject constantly to criticism over our imperial past. That I can deal with, I’ve been dealing with it any time I talk to someone outside my country. But when I hear Middle Eastern Muslims talking canada goose outlet uk about the glory of the old Caliphate, it’s a little agitating that, somehow, everyone else’s empires can be vaunted while our past expansionalist tendencies define everything we are to some of our international friends.

Ours is, understandably, more recent (and by that, I mean CURRENT, Bush) but you can’t glorify the Ottoman Empire and call American imperialism the bane of humanity. America is doing with Democracy what the Caliphate did with Islam, for good or bad, and comparitively America is tiptoeing around to do it.

That, and if you couldn’t tell, religion as a set of organizations and I have had our differences in the past. You might catch that out of me from time to time.

Yol seems a little like the cultural civil rights films that came out here in America around the 80s, like Mississippi Burning. A lot of controversial wounds were opened up in those days.

If you read my posts, you’d know I didn’t join the military. I was all ready to go, then decided canada goose outlet uk sale not to for one simple reason. I realized I wasn’t just swearing to defend the country, I was also swearing to follow the orders of the President. And I don’t like him anywhere near enough to want to put my life on the line on his say so. I’ve said this pretty often and never once said I am a serviceman. If you glance through what I read, you miss these kind of glaring things. If you were actually reading my posts, you’d know I’m almost finished with college and I work full time. I have since high school.

If you’d read my LAST post, I didn’t talk about change. I was canada goose outlet store uk bringing up your traditionalism, your orthadoxy. Your commitment to an old Ottoman Empire ideal that neglected the fact that all great power is built on a great crime is my focus.

You don’t advocate advancement, you advocate regression. You can’t stand the slander of Muhammed or God or canada goose outlet black friday really anyone. Guess what! My religion Canada Goose Parka is slandered every day, sometimes to my face, and every day in the news. Somewhere, someone is mocking me, pretending they know my religion and not knowing anything. And am I going to be indignant about it? Of course not. These people have no idea what they’re talking about. They haven’t been here, where I am, and odds are they never will. So I adapt with the times, move without forcing anyone into my structure. I live in my own and if you’ve noticed that I don’t give a lot of overwhelming respect to someone who needs to fit their life into a preconditioned mold, then you’d be reading my posts.

You don’t know my experience; I’ve never talked about it and honestly I don’t feel the need to. But what I can tell you is that any time you look back into the glorified past, you’re looking at a pastoral picture of how, a hundred or even thousand years later, we’ve managed to paint over the crimson. Armenia wasn’t even a molehill compared to the kind of murder perpetrated by the original Ottoman Empire on their conquest. Ottoman history doesn’t belong to Muslims, Spidon, history belongs to every single person on this planet who cares to look it up. And the Persian and Ottoman empires have plenty of blood to show for their gains. And this isn’t something you can sweep under the rug.

History isn’t what Turkey needs. It’s doing just fine in the present. Turkey will survive the way it’s going, whichever way it chooses, as long as they keep making the correct political decisions. Sometimes US support looks like an idiot political move in their region, but Turkey, as long as they remain in NATO, have American opinion by the buy canada goose jacket throat. If you think for one second that Turkey is going to ever allow something with legal ramifications to pass in America, you underestimate their influence. See how quick Pelosi’s little gambit got killed in committee? It never stood a chance. Like a bottle rocket, sparks flew, it made a lot of noise, and in the end there wasn’t much bang and it was too far away to matter much. Turkey knows where its best position is right now, secular or not, and it’s with one hand on America’s shoulder and both feet in regional power struggles.

If the American unpopularity in Turkey happened in, say, Jordan, there wouldn’t even be a thread about it. But the second Turkey is mad, suddenly we’re worried about a Middle East image. Because Turkey, whether you like it or not, matters a lot. And the Kurds and Armenians are either canada goose outlet sale going to get with the program or get run over, because when even George “They’ll Like Me Better With a Gun To Their Back” Bush is VERY concerned how Turks feel about Canada Goose Outlet America. Pelosi and her House canada goose outlet parka cohorts are the only ones here screaming about the Armenian Genocide.

I think the killings were a genocide. We’ve all got genocides we don’t want to talk about. But it’s NEVER going to be solved by law, and America’s a bad place to look if you want help with your plans. Americans don’t care about Turkish ethnic groups, they only care about Turkey as a whole. And until the Kurds or Armenians are running Turkey, they aren’t at the top of the list. That’s just plain and simple. Until canada goose jacket outlet the Kurds or Armenians make themselves more important than the Turkish population (and they have to do that without finding their way into our terrorist organization hit list) then you can sit right there for a real long time.

Because unless the situation changes, this one’s working best for Turkey and the United States. Tough luck. But don’t look for sympathy and start mentioning old history lessons. In the list of canada goose clearance sale cultural grievances, Africa hits probably 1 20 in some capacity or another. So if you’re worried about a genocide predating the Holocaust retarding Turkey’s social maturation, you can get in line behind the cultural slaughterhouses happening just southwest of you.

It was bad when it happened, few argue anything but that, but there are a lot bigger issues on hand right now (namely, the United States government on the warpath that its citizens can’t seem to stop) for us to be worrying about the Armenians and Kurds.

We have a lot of reorganizing to do, Turkey is probably the most stable ally of ours in the Middle East, and so you’re on your own. Maybe instead of trying to convice a couple Americans with bigger, more globally important issues on hand (like Bush’s nuclear armed friend near Turkey who just so happens to have made a power grab, or Israel and Palestine’s next attempt at not shooting each other, or even Bush’s own ability to lose sight of the ball and screw us over bigtime) you can go ahead and make a bigger stint in Turkey, where it actually matters, people have power to change policy, and everyone isn’t just watching it like some kind of inter relationship arguement in a grocery store.


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