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By • September 23rd, 2014

funny how it seems

“So I watched it at the pub with my son and all his mates. It was pretty intense. The pace of the game was incredible. I think we can canada goose outlet online win the Champions League now. You just https://www.fanclub-fulton-smith.de never know, one lucky goal canada goose outlet and it could be ours.”

That possible Champions League glory could be drawing ever nearer by canada goose uk shop the time Tony’s tour reaches Morecambe on Friday, May 5.

“When the audience arrives they have a ‘song menu’ and can tick the box to choose the song they want me to sing. I’ll sing the first 12 or 13 songs that we pick out of a draw in the second half of the show.”I’ve put in some Spandau songs, some covers, old ones and new ones. There’s a song called ‘The Reason’ by Hoobastank, a U2 song, a couple of Queen ones they really stretch me because Freddie Mercury had such an amazing voice some Bob Seger, one by The Killers and the theme from Canada Goose sale TV show ‘Down To Earth’.”

So what happens if the audience don’t pick uk canada goose out one of his classic Spandau hits? A Hadley gig without the likes canada goose outlet uk of ‘True’, ‘Gold’ or ‘Through The Barricades’ surely doesn’t bear thinking about?

He then explains that the first half of the show will be a kind of “musical biography” where he canada goose uk outlet will sing songs that are personal to him “like from the first album I ever bought and the first song I ever sang at a talent show”.

The May 5 gig at the Dome will mark Tony’s return to Morecambe for the first time since he headlined the Summerbreeze festival, promoted by Steve Middlesbrough (“I remember Steve, he’s a good lad”) in 1998.

He was sad to hear that Summerbreeze and Light and Water, Morecambe’s canada goose outlet canada biggest outdoor music festivals, had now bitten the dust.

“It’s a shame. In other parts of Europe like Belgium, Germany and Holland canada goose outlet online uk they have major music festivals in almost every town. But it hardly ever happens in Britain, so it was good there was something like that in Morecambe.

“Councils may say they haven’t got any money but maybe they should take a chance on doing these festivals for the people and to put their town on the canada goose outlet reviews map.”

If I was a councillor, I certainly wouldn’t argue with Tony Hadley. At a towering 6ft 4ins, he’s one of the most imposing figures in music and still has that incredibly canada goose outlet powerful voice.

He’s also gaining a reputation for being something of a tough cookie. Not only did he survive the shock divorce from his wife of 23 years and the bitter break up then legal battle with his ex Spandau Ballet bandmates Gary and cheap Canada Goose Martin Kemp, but he also recently battled back from illness to go hiking across South America.

“I went across Venezuela in January tracing Conan Doyle’s Lost World Trek and it was an incredible trip.

“But I nearly didn’t make it because I was in hospital just before that for emergency surgery to remove my appendix.

“Thankfully my doctor cleared me to Canada Goose Online do the trek and then I went ski ing as well afterwards!”

But Tony is human after all. canada goose outlet parka He admits to finding rehearsals tough going because “I goose outlet canada haven’t sung for months” but “it’s all coming together now”.

Speaking of coming together, what are the chances of a Spandau Ballet reunion? It’s a question Tony has been asked many times, but Canada Goose online ever since the New Romantic darlings split in the late 80s, he’s given the same uncompromising answer. Not bloody likely.

“Two summers ago the Kemps put forward to me a plan for a summer tour of all the arenas around the UK. It was a case of ‘After everything that’s happened, let’s be mates again’. But it doesn’t work like that.

“There’s a lot canada goose factory sale of stuff that happened, things I couldn’t print in my book (‘To Cut A Long Story Short’) and I got canada goose black friday sale THAT checked by four different lawyers and it’s stuff I can’t talk about. canada goose outlet new york city Things got very personal and nasty. They affected my family and friends badly. I think if it had been kept on a business level then things may have been different, but it got very vindictive. So I can’t forgive that easily.”

There were canada goose outlet nyc rumours that Spandau Ballet, who performed at Live Aid in 1985, were going to re form at last year’s Live 8 event, but Tony shot them down.

“Live 8 was a good cause and Sir Bob Geldof wanted us to re form but I couldn’t do it.

“I’ve got a new swing album coming out in October, things are going well with my band, which includes Johnny Keeble from Spandau, so I’m happy.

Putting the Spandau era behind him, Tony has continued to pack arenas as a solo artist over the past 15 years.

Surprisingly, he’s never had a hit single on his own but then again in his words “my core audience is probably the 30 45 age group” so that could explain why. After all, it’s the youngsters who put the much less talented likes of Chico and the Pussycat Dolls in the charts these days.


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