Obama does not understand, or care to understand, how private

By • October 11th, 2014

Romney rewrites his own history

I would like to thank Mr. Lowell Popham uk canada goose for his response to my letter concerning Mr. Romney’s lack of canada goose outlet black friday military service and thank him for his canada goose outlet service. I do not think military service is necessary to be president but I do think a person who supports both the war and the draft should be willing to put on the uniform. Mitt Romney is trying to rewrite his own history from having no intention of signing up to “I longed canada goose jacket outlet to be fighting in Viet Nam.” I have more respect for Bill Clinton because he opposed the war and was consistent in his belief. President Obama is of a different generation with an all volunteer military and has nothing to do with my views on Romney’s character. testified that canada goose factory outlet they were talked into by buy canada goose jacket charismatic, devout older men who promised paradise for those those cheap designer handbags those who died in combat against “invaders.”READ: Minnesota Trial Opens on Somalia Terror GroupAl Shabaab has suffered several recent defeats at at cheap north face jacket at the hands of African military forces and lost its urban stronghold in Somalia earlier this month. It is a civilian postition, even though it includes the Commander In Chief.

I say, let the postions of the candidates speak for one’s decision to vote for them, or not. If you see the office as being one of bluff and puff foreign policy, or one of effectively leveraging power to bend others to our will. Or, is canada goose outlet canada it somewhere in between, with the overall perspective of making partners of other countries, and prospering, canada goose outlet online uk as a whole?

Personally, I don’t like lawyers to hold cheap canada goose uk high public office, but I do realise that a high percentage of them canada goose store seem to gravitate toward politics. The only thing I abhor more, is so called businessmen running for office, on those merits alone. My country is not canada goose factory sale a venture capital investment. It’s a nation of people, with real life problems and real life needs. It calls for wisdom, not canada goose outlet uk sale PR and phony smiles. One who will risk his own career, for the opportunity to make a difference in the long run.

JNelson:Interesting note. In my canada goose outlet in usa reading (wish I could remember where, so then it wouldn’t be hearsay), I learned that Barack Obama actually did have a job, other than community organizer. As do most graduate students, he hired on with a law firm. But the brief passage explained that he didn’t like the workplace environment,. Charitably, we could assume that he didn’t like the long hours, nor being “low man on the totem pole”. I interpreted it to mean that he didn’t like being responsible for canada goose coats on sale turning a profit for the company. This only reinforces my opinion that Pres. Obama does not understand, or care to understand, how private industry is managed.

Hello, my fellow American voters!Romney and Ryan won all 4 debates, although Romney slightly won the 2nd and 3rd debates. cheap Canada Goose Romney/Ryan won with substance, directness, integrity, respect, clarity, facts, commitment, inspiration, credibility, and leadership.

As an INDEPENDENT female feminist (egalitarian) voter, I support the Romney/Ryan ticket. Romney and Ryan, with their no nonsense and methodic approach to solving America’s problems, are the best persons in terms of qualifications and character to lead our country and make life better for all Americans. I hope that you are inspired by Romney/Ryan!Cas canada goose black friday sale Lee

The silly criticism of Romney for being born canada goose outlet uk into and living in an affluent family where he didn’t HAVE to work for the things he wanted or needed ignores the comparison with Obama’s history. Seems like Obama must have had some unnamed or undiscovered sugar daddy who paid for his global excursions, his college tuitions and living expenses, canada goose outlet jackets etc., because until he graduated from college and got a “real” job as a community organizer, it seems he never had to actually work and earn money to pay for anything either. Might be a Canada Goose Outlet lot more interesting to find out how he managed this than to blame Romney for being born into a well off family. Obama keeps touting his poverty lifestyle while official canada goose outlet growing up. You know, single mother, no father on the scene, all of the “I’m a victim” mantra, so where did his extra ordinary financial support come from since none of it https://www.fabulalitera.de appears to be through his own efforts? Maybe I’m mistaken, though, and some Obama supporter here will provide evidence of his diligence at “getting HIS hands dirty” working for a living?”Not only did he worry about it, he worried that he might have to do it to other people, and that is worse. Lol.

You sure have an obsession over his school grades and birth place. Well, let me confirm your suspicions. Obama was educated in a madrassa, in Kenya and had a C GPA. Lol.