Unable to think for ourselves, we drift toward tribalism

By • October 26th, 2014

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canada goose coats Because the techniques are hidden from us the companies treat their algorithms as trade secrets we’re rarely conscious of the ways we’re being manipulated. As the software exerts ever cheap canada goose mens more influence over what we see and how we think, we begin to lose our free will and even our sense of individuality. Unable to think for ourselves, we drift toward tribalism. canada goose coats

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During his time as the BSO music director, James Levine dreamed of narrowing this gap by involving the entire BSO in one FCM concert annually. What better way, he argued, to show that contemporary music was also a priority of the highest rank for the institution as a whole? Levine vision was realized for one summer during canada goose outlet in usa the all Elliott Carter edition of FCM, but not since. What more, for years a single work by a living composer would appear on the weekend BSO Shed programs, specifically designated as the orchestra official contribution to FCM.

Facebook, for all its technical sophistication, has resorted to partnering with a growing army of human fact checkers to vet content on its platform in the wake of Cambridge Analytica canada goose black friday uk and the 2016 election crises. Posts flagged as false by users (or by machine learning) are forwarded on to one of 25 fact checking partners in 14 countries, including the likes of the Associated Press, PolitiFact and Snopes. Content deemed false is, in turn, demoted by Facebook, which pushes it lower in the news feed, evidently reducing future views by more than 80 per cent..

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