But for some parents, it’s the key to getting their kids on

By • November 28th, 2014

warm hospitality paired with outstanding wines

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replica Purse Preschool and kindergarten were all about playing dress up, painting, running around, and making friends.These days, if your child is successfully reading and writing before kindergarten, they will undoubtedly be labeled as “advanced.” This can be a very exciting term for parents and you’ll undoubtedly hear them telling everyone they know how advanced their kid is compared to others.But is this something we should all be striving for? And what bag replica high quality about all day kindergarten? To me, an 8 hour day for a 5 or 6 year old is just too much. But for some parents, it’s the key to getting their kids on that advanced train to academic excellence.Do we really have to start this rat race for success so early? What are we truly getting out of it? Bragging rights? A post on Facebook? What is your child getting out of it?In the end, every parent will do what they think is best for their child. If I think too much academic pressure at a young age is not healthy for my child, I’m entitled replica bags to that opinion. replica Purse

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