But I won’t be holding my breath waiting

By • December 22nd, 2014

Trust Esther Hicks or Abraham

canada goose coats on sale She describes Abraham as a collection of about one hundred “nonphysical teachers” that deposit “blocks of thought” in her head while she’s in a trance. She translates the blocks into words, acting out as Abraham and dropping the “I” in exchange for “we.” canada goose coats on sale

She’s able to do this almost instantly on stage before live audiences, simply by relaxing and “letting them come in.”

On stage, “they” begin with a greeting, a familiar warm up in which they tell you how pleased they are to have you in attendance for “co creating.”

canada goose uk outlet That’s followed by a riff on some topic, sort of a sermon and, then, a session where you’re invited to march up and take Canada Goose Outlet a spot in the “hot seat” where they can ask ask Abraham for one on one guidance. canada goose uk outlet

cheap canada goose uk Off stage, Esther says Abraham dictates books by forcing her fingers to type on a keyboard. cheap canada goose uk

That’s the official Canada Goose sale story, anyway. In truth, while he was still alive, Jerry Hicks pressured Esther to write books to fulfill a contract with Hay House. He edited them, even while publicly insisting they were the untouched wisdom of Abraham.

Something new: Jerry and Esther Hicks’ Spiritual Money Tree, Stories Behind the Abraham Hicks Teachings and the Law of Attraction

The production of new books halted when Jerry died. Did he take http://www.mycanadagoosejacket.org Abraham with him?

Most, including her role model, Sheila Gillette, call what Esther does “spirit channeling,” but Esther spurns that canada goose store label, singling herself out as unique.

Canada Goose Online She interprets “blocks of thought” from nonphysical teachers who are informed directly by “Source,” a term she chooses instead of God, although what you and I call “God” is what she means. Canada Goose Online

buy canada goose jacket cheap But do stumbles and errors show us that Abraham Hicks might be a product of hers and Jerry’s ambitions and not some divine source of wisdom? buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose store I launched this article by Canada Goose online giving ten examples of mistakes suggesting that Esther Hicks could not be channeling anyone or anything, at least not channeling any entity that was bright, educated or well informed and certainly not anyone intimately connected with God. canada goose store

I now have a list of fifteen for you. It wasn’t hard getting there.

canada goose coats The List of What Esther Hicks Gets Wrong Every TimeHere are the things that, bit by bit, convince me that Esther Hicks is making it all up as she goes along and that Abraham Hicks, is a hoax. canada goose coats

canada goose buy canada goose jacket clearance sale The reasons keep accumulating as more people look at and expose contradictions and, also, as insiders begin stepping forward to talk about their experiences with the Hicks operations. The easy life of cruising along in their monster bus doesn’t come close to resembling the real canada goose clearance life, 24 X 7 labor of managing Abraham Hicks. canada goose clearance sale

Here’s a bonus reason, making it now sixteen reasons you can’t trust Esther Hicks for guidance or wisdom. Honestly, I was going to stop at fifteen, but this one was so very awful, I had to put it in. Ready?

uk canada goose outlet “There is no state of physical decline or damage that you could not Canada Goose Parka recover from none not any, if you knew it. If you wanted it and knew that you could. And that’s those miracles that they talk about every day. They’re not miracles at all, they are the natural order of things. But because they are rare, people think they are miraculous. They’re not. That’s the way it is supposed to be. You’re supposed to thrive.” uk canada goose outlet

Excerpted from the workshop in San Diego, CA on February 23, 2002

uk canada goose Let’s start buy canada goose jacket cheap with “if you wanted it.” If it’s physical damage, even a simple one like a visible scar, you are very likely to want it. Easy peasy. And now that Esther has informed you that “you could,” why not just make that canada goose black friday sale scar go away? There is nothing stopping you. The next Abraham Hicks follower using this method to repair physical damage and has before and after pics to prove it, let us all know about it in the comments below. I’ll arrange for you to get me copies and I’ll post them here. Promise. But I won’t be holding my breath waiting. uk canada goose

cheap canada goose outlet Canada Goose Jerry Hicks lost his battle with cancer after choosing a course of treatment that seems a direct contradiction of “the teachings of Abraham.” Belittling conventional medicine on many occasions, Esther Hicks canada goose clearance sale (in her Abraham persona) said that a near immediate return to health was possible, simply by changing vibrations. It would take as little as an afternoon, she said. While she was able to blame the victims of cancer and other canada goose coats illnesses by pointing out that they just weren’t getting their vibrations right, she chose silence when it cheap Canada Goose came to the sick man who slept next to Abraham for 25 years and had been described by her as the best at managing his vibration of anyone alive. cheap Canada Goose

Silence is especially golden when it protects the cash flow.

Canada Goose Parka So, devastating was the news of Jerry Hicks illness and so clearly did it threaten to expose Abraham Hicks teachings as fake that, after a clumsy, unethical effort to blame his hospitalization on a spider bite, they released a convoluted story about how he went for “heavy chemotherapy” as the “path of least resistance,” a throwback to older, forgotten “teachings.” Canada Goose Parka

canada goose clearance Not until Jerry Hicks died did Esther concede that he’d been battling leukemia. She offered no explanation canada goose coats on sale about why he hadn’t simply followed Abraham’s teachings, opting instead for a saccharine monologue that had little to say in tribute to her decease partner and a canada goose deals lot Canada Goose Jackets about herself. canada goose clearance

Canada Goose sale Esther Hicks on the best approach to medicine: “The very best approach to medicine is,’Well, I see your physical body is sick, what’s been bothering you? What are you worried about? What are you angry about? What are you frustrated about?’ Because that is what is at the root of all of this. And then say, ‘Let it go, let it go, let it go.’ That’s the message, and if they could hear you and do that, then they would all be well right away.” Canada Goose canadian goose jacket sale

Excerpted from the workshop in Ashland, OR on Tuesday, May 16th, 2000

canada goose uk black friday Did you know that a selfish child is “like Jesus” who didn’t bother himself with concerns about others’ (using Esther’s word) “toylessness?” canada goose uk black friday.