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By • January 13th, 2015

Canada Goose Online I decided to wear a kippa yarmulke today to be as loudly and proudly jewish as possible Canada Goose Online

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Canada Goose Outlet For those of you who wish to help, the first thing you should all do is vote in the midterm election. That is the buy canada goose jacket only way we can canada goose get policy moving in the right direction, first and foremost. canada goose coats on sale Research community organizations that work with underserved groups, or ones that help refugees, or religious organizations (especially synagogues and mosques, who are increasingly facing violence). Volunteer a couple hours a week. Stay politically engaged. Attend rallies. Talk with people. Don let the violence keep you from speaking out. Don give in to despair, and I don just mean this for your happiness, but for everyone else Even If things were getting worse on a grand scale it is imperative to build a vision Canada Goose Outlet of a better tomorrow with hope, without which we are doomed to contribute to failure. Hopeless feelings and sentiments canada goose black friday sale are understandable for anyone, but hopeless facts and appraisals of the entire world are not acceptable: 1. Because they not true. and 2. Because fearmongering and despair are how any of canadian goose jacket the bad bits of today got the way the are. Your despair card has been declined. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose clearance So when people ask you to be hopeful and participate in making the world a better place remember that this isn necessarily for you personally but for the effect you have upon the cheap Canada Goose world. canada goose clearance

canada goose uk shop Unless you an Evangelical (in which case please fork off with your doomsday bs)Jew here. Thank you. A canada goose store very large portion of my network is also Jewish, and I have seen story after story on social media about our (Jews non Jewish friends, colleagues, complete strangers, relatives, etc. have shown support, and it means so much to us. canada goose uk shop

Because there are so few of us, we Jews tend to REALLY emphasize mutual connections. We play a fun game we call Jewish Geography when we meet new Jews. “Oh you from (some city thousands of miles away)? Do you know? Oh yeah! He was my son roommate in college. So you probably also know.”

Canada Goose Coats On Sale My point is, even if we don live in Pittsburgh, and have never lived in Pittsburgh, there a good chance we know someone through only a degree or two of separation, who was directly impacted in what happened. I lived in Chicago my whole life, and a very close friend, who grew up in Pittsburgh, had very close family connections to three of the victims. This hits way too close to home for virtually all of us. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

uk canada goose Again, my point: this type of support from the non Jewish community is incredibly appreciated by the canada goose coats Jewish community. I hope we can all learn to follow suit as we face the continued reality of bad things happening in the name of discrimination/hatred. :)It so crazy to me that people are like that because my experience with Jewish people is so far from the shit these people say, I just can even start to understand it. I live right next to a big Jewish community in Michigan. I started going to NA meetings out there about 16 years ago, when I was 15. Probably half of the people in the meetings were Jewish. A close knit group of people took me in, right away. We didn just go to meetings together, we would go to the movies, out to eat, to concerts whatever else. A Jewish woman became my sponsor. She was one of the first people that I came out to one of the first people that I talked to about my eating disorder. She got me an appointment with a specialist that day. I went to her wedding. Yeah, it was different than other weddings I had been to but she made sure everyone felt comfortable knew other people. I ended up relapsing kept using on off until 18 months ago but I still keep in contact with her several other people from there they great fucking people. Idk why I even got into all canada goose clearance sale that, I just wanted to say that these people that I know, they are the exact opposite of Canada Goose sale how white supremacists portray them they helped me with some of the most difficult issues I ever dealt with were nothing but caring, nonjudgmental so supportive. I will always stand up for my friends Jewish buy canada goose jacket cheap Americans uk canada goose.