I’m stating what I think of the general reaction

By • June 7th, 2015

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FBI and Flat Earth have no relevence to each other. The FBI investigating an idividual is what you would expect them to do, and this documentary is not really legitimate journalism, it hbags is one sided, and overly emotional, it has a purpose to invoke sadness, it not seeking the truth.

Hermes Belt Replica Flat hermes replica briefcase Earth is sprung by people not trusting sciencetists, or getting maths wrong, if you want to use the FBI in a comparison to this, it like someone commiting a federal crime, and making your own judgement without understanding law, because you distrust the FBI. These aren comparable things. Hermes Belt Replica

Hermes Kelly Replica Maybe MJ birkin bag replica hbags did do some of hermes bag replica the alleged acts, but as it stands, they are allegations, not evidencial fact. Hermes Kelly Replica

You either think you’re too woke or you love MJ too much.

Or you know, neither? Not everything is black and white, this or that. I am looking at this replica birkin bag from a standpoint of “I just wanted to make a goofy meme.” But apparantly, Ethan has a lot of sycophants who can bare to see their poor senpai as the target of a roast. I don hate Ethan, he done some funny, goofy stuff, but this Twitter meltdown was dumb, and he deserves to be roasted for it.

VintageSTD 2 points submitted 1 month ago

For the record, replica hermes mini bag I’m not calling out this specific meme or calling you out individually. I’m stating what I think of the general reaction.

As for my connection between acting as the FBI and flat earthers, my point was reviews habgs.ru there are single sources of factual information out there. When we solely relay on or own research you get people who read something on Facebook and now is a flat earther or anti vaxer. I mean what is the standard when you explanation do your own research? A lot of people just engage with content that only justifies their belief. Which I believe is happening here.

I agree claiming this doc as legit journalism is a stretch. And I didn’t really mean to claim that. My argument is that there is still legitimate journalism you can trust without spend hours on research.

Three Of Seven 3 points submitted 1 month ago

Okay, fair enough! I can only speak for myself, I don look for content that fits my view of everything, I like to think, I a massive idiot, but I love to think. There is legitimate journalism out there that can be trusted, but you should still look at multiple sources.

Replica Hermes uk I not even saying MJ is innocent, I don know, I not gone deep enough into it, I don really have a horse in this race outside of memes. I hermes birkin replica mean, MJ was creepy, no doubt, and it possible he did do some of the alleged acts, but they aren proven, that the crux of the issue for me here, it trial by social media where one side is saying “This definatly happened, watch this one documentary!”, when it far more complicated than that. Replica Hermes uk

To accept the documentary as evidencial fact, you also have to consider perjury charges for the two people involved, they would have lied under oath. Now maybe there was a reason for https://www.hbags.ru/hermes-clutch-c-52/ that, but it would need to go to trial to find out. Although, I don know if hermes replica handbags they could that site be brought up on perjury at this point, I don know law, maybe it fine.

best hermes replica handbags We get to find out more, because the Jackson estate is sueing HBO for damages, which might result in orange birkin replica new information coming out. best hermes replica handbags

high quality Replica Hermes Who knows, but I leave you with a Papa Bless. high quality Replica Hermes

VintageSTD 1 point submitted 1 month ago

Well my doggie, we not too far off. And I not advocating to NOT research topics further of course. Your approach to media is thoughtful and I hope others follow. It just seems everyone argument right now is that “doing your own research” is the golden ticket. I find this to be an overreaction to the influx of fake news we seen since post 2016 and therefore allowing fake news to accomplish it goal to delegitimize everything. However I think we young folk have enough foresight to smell the BS.

you right, this is a complicated subject, and yes, my example of anti vaxers and flat earthers are extreme (and I hope the people in the sub reddit are all on the page that is some crazy shit) but I do fear that this absolute distrust in media (not claiming you individually) is what leads us to these crazy ass theories in some situations.


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