Billboards will be removed in Rotterdam

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The year 2016 will be remembered as a commercial good year in the Dutch OOH industry. The growth of advertising euro/2m2 format continues and digital developments are going faster than ever. Yet there is a dissonance: THE BILLBOARDS. In recent years, the turnover of this medium has already dropped dramatically, also resulting in a dramatic decrease in interest to exploit these objects.

In 2015 billboards were removed from the city The Hague. One of the largest operators of billboards, Exterion Media, will remove all billboards from Rotterdam by the end of 2016. In recent years, the number of billboards has been greatly reduced (from 85 to 40), but the last 40 will now disappear completely.

The reasons for the decline in the billboard market are diverse:

  • Until the crisis of 2008/2009 were the largest advertisers automotive and financials; these advertisers have greatly reduced their spending and it proved very difficult to find alternative advertisers
  • the success of advertising on the size 2m2, with the portrait format fits existing digital communications
  • advertisers want to sit closer to the point-of-sale (and billboards are still there usually further from)

Although the outdoor research shows that billboards score well (big impact with high range), it appears that emotional considerations also play a large role in the choice of media.

Only a few digital billboards are placed in the Netherlands at this moment. Operators and advertisers are enthusiastic, so we expect that a conversion will take place in the coming years from analogue to digital.

Hi-tech Citybeacons will give Eindhoven digital lead in street furniture

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In the beginning of 2016 in the centre of Eindhoven, a new generation of intelligent street furniture will be installed: Citybeacons. The approximately four-meter high ‘City beacons; connect security, information and communication via an intelligent platform with the residents, visitors and businesses of the city. The Citybeacons will be a replacement of the advertising information display units (mupi’s) that stood in the centre until a few years ago.

With the arrival of 15-25 Citybeacons in the city centre of Eindhoven, residents, visitors and businesses will get access via the digital platform to a number of digital and interactive functionalities.

The idea for Citybeacon comes from the current proliferation in the physical infrastructure of a city. In every city there are cameras, billboards, road signs, antennas, ad space and video screens. The different functions of these facilities are brought together by the placement of the Citybeacons. Citybeacons deliver functionalities in the areas of security, communication and information:

A digital screen at eye level with:

  • Interactive maps with city information and routing
  • City promotion
  • Event info
  • Social media
  • Interaction: through the post and via smartphone
  • Digital note board

Two digital screens (approximately 3 meters):

  • Advertising (exploitation by City Beacon)
  • City marketing (events)
  • Amber Alerts

General features of the Citybeacon:

  • A strong wifi mast
  • Observation cameras:
  • Crowd control
  • CCTV
  • Measurements of passers numbers
  • Environmental measurements (eg air quality)
  • Streetlights

The City Beacon is developed by a new Dutch start-up. The founder of this company, Mr. Arthur van de Poll, took part in the tender of the city of New York for the replacement of 10,000 public telephones (2012). Although Citybeacon did not win, the product is developed and prepared for a major (inter) national introduction. The initiative in the Netherlands for this project came from the city marketing organization Eindhoven365. The manager of Eindhoven365 calls it “a communication asset to the city, a unique opportunity to discover the city in an intelligent way.”

The Citybeacons will be placed (depending on the permits and infrastructure available) from the beginning of 2016 at different locations in Eindhoven city centre.

The Citybeacon platform is also open to external parties. Cities can share relevant city information. Citybeacons generate user data such as air quality, traffic, social media data and for instance visitor numbers. The platform offers social features such as sending (public) messages facilitating a city tour or various game elements that relate to an event.

Citybeacon reports that after Eindhoven several (inter)national cities will follow. Each city can choose which functionalities should be operational. The platform acts as a distribution point for collaboration with content providers and creative community that can respond to the opportunities and possibilities of this city landmark.

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The lap goes on, my helmet bangs against the roll bars as we

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He will plead his case on Wednesday to the Commons’ procedural

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