Outdoor advertising in bars (UK)

By Fred Kuhlman • maart 8th, 2010

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The outdoor advertising industry in the UK (The Outdoor Advertising Association of Great Britain) has confirmed that the Internet and outdoor advertising are the only two major growing channels in the advertising industry, especially at the expense of advertising revenue in magazines and newspapers. The rise and rise in the open to spend is mainly due to some clever players who are new audiences segmented by life-style venues to thank, with impressive precision in the alignment of the demos. It has enabled further momentum with the introduction of an innovation after another.

Find more information on outdoor advertising here. The Bar & Pub Audience Central of British society and lifestyles, bars, pubs and clubs play a variety of roles, depending on the type of venue, its location and facilities. In recent years there has been a massive change in the market with a definite shift from traditional to branded pub chains oriented audience targeting a broad range of lifestyle needs, focused on key demographic groups. Larger towns, theme nights, all events and concerts have led to a huge increase in the number of visitors to bars in the United Kingdom. The managing director of Luminar, the largest operator of licensed venues in the UK, says: “It was an absolute revolution in drinking habits, we changed hundreds of unprincipled drunkard into thriving social centers.”

Effectiveness of the environment for advertisers Bars and pubs are the number one choice as a meeting point for friends, couples and gentlemen, if they have the latest trends and current events. For this reason, many advertisers pubs, bars and clubs as the perfect outdoor environment to educate, not just potential customers about their brands, but also identifies a real topic of conversation among these trendsetters and opinion leaders. There are several powerful channels to reach to those audiences in the pub environment, including toilet posters, sampling, promotional activity and coasters distributed nationwide. Research has proven that an audience in a “socialization” mentality is very sensitive to the toilet posters and other sampling opportunities. MBA Independent researchers have reported that advertising generates cash prompted a massive recall %78, on average, between the main target groups. For example, asked, in a recent integrated outdoor advertising campaign, T-Mobile’s popularity reached 80% among young core audience, while 67% say that they would very likely use the T-Mobile in the future .

AdMedia’s joint chief executive, Philip Vecht, commented: “Our national network of some of the largest and most popular style of pubs, bars and clubs can advertisers effectively a large lucrative young audience who have to be very receptive to advertising messages goal. Advertisers can control the environment to to generate the creation of highly effective campaigns, the massive awareness levels under increasingly difficult to reach an audience. “Increased spending by youth-oriented brands The efficacy of bars attract a lucrative youth-oriented audience has led to a flood of advertising spending in bar media from a wide range of categories, including telecommunications, movies, entertainment, driving, personal care & cosmetics, beverages and games. O2, Warner Bros, Channel 4, T-Mobile, Ford, Nivea, WKD and Xbox have recognized the effectiveness of the media bar on the achievement of this notoriously difficult to reach, audience. T-Mobile Case studies The bar promotional activities has been specially created for the start of their current wage ‘U-Fix “and used the more than a dozen existing and entirely new format to a fully integrated, T-Mobile event on a network of style bars and clubs on a national level create more than 800 venues. The range of media – including washroom posters – presented by Mediacom and Posterscope use of the mark was a total commitment to their target audience of 18-24 year olds. A video about the campaign can be viewed on YouTube Activity included: – WC-posters (including talking posters) – Door and mirror stickers – T-shirts worn by bartenders – Bar top branding – Drink Coasters – Branded Lollipops – Interactive DJ’s & 10000 Price – Branded matchbooks – Free Shots – 2 million mark scratch cards Lynx Case Study A multi-element support for Lynx Click in conjunction with a major national TV campaign, in nightclubs across the UK. – Washroom Posters – Mirror Sticker – Door Stickers – Drink Coasters – Branded pint glasses – Branded matchbooks – Branded Bar Runner – Branded T-shirtsConclusion Asked to raise awareness of the T-Mobile’s outdoor advertising campaign reached 88% among the core audience, with 67% saying that they would be very likely to use the T-Mobile in the future. 80% of respondents were not aware of the T-Mobile U-Fix before entering the bar area, although the campaign was run nationally on television two weeks ago. … Media Innovation – provide creative solutions, high Talking posters provide an excellent opportunity to reach the target audience attention, a topic of conversation enabling and creative use of audio from a TV or radio campaign to reinforce the brand message into an innovative and effective way. Will T-Mobile, Paramount Pictures, UIP, 20th Century Fox. Direct-response media pads with washroom posters: posters on the floor of the toilet positioned to tear down this great business card slips massively present a unique and effective tool for any advertiser with a direct response mechanism, or simply to inform and remind consumers about the the product. To raise the beer mats and coasters, produced in any shape and size, the visibility of the brand in the bar environment – the creation of a genuine interaction with the audience with a call to action, and such games. Coasters are an advertising medium, used by Nokia, Nestle, 02, T-Mobile, Ladbrokes and UIP. Other advertising opportunities in the bars are: Brand pint glasses, shot glasses, wine glasses, matchbooks, bar runners, mirrors, stickers, urinal stickers, door stickers, branded ashtrays, DJ interaction, scratch cards, T-shirts, branded lollipops and Competitions Source: * High Street Pubs and Bars Report; ** Sports Review 2005; *** MBA Independent researcher, researched **** Only AdMedia locations.


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