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Billboards will be removed in Rotterdam

              The year 2016 will be remembered as a commercial good year in the Dutch OOH industry. The growth of advertising euro/2m2 format continues and digital developments are going faster than ever. Yet there is a dissonance: THE BILLBOARDS. In recent years, the turnover of this medium has already […]

Pay phones will become Wi-Fi hubs (NYC)

                    New York City plans to turn its lowly public payphone network into what it claims will be the biggest and fastest free municipal Wi-Fi network in the world. City leaders revealed the $200 million plan, called LinkNYC, on Monday at City Hall. The project will replace […]

Digital billboards & traffic safety

                    For many years the debate is going on about the effects of digital billboards on traffic safety. At this moment two studies claim opposite opinions. A good reason to look into this matter. It will become clear that (as always) research funded by the industry […]

Clear Channel strengthens position in the Netherlands

Outdoor Advertising operator Hillenaar Outdoor Advertising (a Clear Channel company) has taken over all outdoor objects of Brouwer & Partners (local Dutch company). Hillenaar now has reach in 250 citiesand is thus at once a key player in the out-of-home market. “We are very proud,” says director Jeroen Hillenaar. “The doubling of our number of […]

Amsterdam City Council has started tender for bus shelter contract

The long awaited and biggest tender in recent years on June 14 launched. It is expected that all major players show interest and will send in their offer for this important concession for the Dutch outdoor advertising market. Currently JCDecaux is the contract partner for the City of Amsterdam. The party to whom the concession […]

The green case against digital billboards

This is reprint from, written by Barnaby Page. While digital outdoor’s many critics in the U.S. have largely focused on traffic safety and light pollution, a Pennsylvania architect and urban planner has opened a new front, charging that digital sites consume vastly more energy than conventional billboards. A paper from Gregory Young, available from […]

The future of outdoor

This article is a reprint from Mediaweek, author: Stephen Armstrong Posters that can recognise your face and live video streaming on car windows are just two of the technologies transforming out-of-home into the most targeted advertising medium in town. If you’re working in the out-of-home industry it can feel a bit as though all the […]

Sao Paolo advertising goes underground

Source: Financial Times (, author: Vincent Bevins) Four years ago, the streets of São Paulo, South America’s biggest city, were strewn with advertising. Messages on the surfaces of buildings, buses, shops, taxis and even private homes competed with billboards to create a chaotic and dizzying corporate assault on the senses. So, Gilberto Kassab, the centre-right […]

Wonderbra: 3D billboard

Wonderbra in the UK has unveiled its first 3D billboard poster that marks the launch of an integrated campaign by iris to promote its new ‘Full effect’ bra. The 48-sheet poster kick starts a range of brand engagement initiatives to span digital, experiential, media partnerships and PR, which will work together to put the brand […]

Tenders planned for Amsterdam outdoor advertising products

Amsterdam is of crucial importance for all advertisers and outdoor operators in the Netherlands : it gives a great usp for the operator to work in and with the capital. Therefore it is important to mention that Amsterdam  has announced that they started to tender the main – centrally coordinated – outdoor advertising contracts: 1. […]