Market growth

Advertisers have a good reason for revisiting out-of-home communication. The combined effects of a number of trends have made consumers more mobile. Urbanisation is increasing around the globe, and commutes between home and workplace are longer than ever, in terms of both time and distance. With TV audiences now fragmented across dozens of channels, television is not the preeminent reach vehicle it once was; there is a declining ability to deliver mass reach that is cost-effective. Therefore, marketers who need to reach large numbers of people efficiently are reconsidering out-of-home opportunities. Stimulated by these developments, out-of-home media companies trumpet the value of omnipresent out-of-home advertising: “we are the unavoidable medium, there is no mute button, no off switch, you can’t zap it, you can’t change the channel, it is always on”.

Leading research companies (Zenith, PwC) forecast a growth of 3-5% per year for the coming years – of course with huge differences between various countries.

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