Birmingham City Council tenders for outdoor ads

By Fred Kuhlman • maart 8th, 2010

Source: (11 January 2010)

Birmingham City Council is in the process of a tender as it looks to appoint commercial partners to help exploit its corporate assets to generate revenue to support its corporate activities.

The council is set to award contracts which could last up to ten years, each with a possible three-year extension.

The appointments will be made across six Lots.

The first Lot, Outdoor advertising across Birmingham will see the successful applicant aid the council to establish a series of gateways and sites where it can advertising. The sites will be in locations which will deliver high rates of public interaction and ensure premium revenue generation as the city looks to position itself as one of the most important places to advertise in the UK.

The contracts new find new advertising sites will last for between four and ten year, while new 96 sheet, 48 sheet and other large format sites will last between two and six years.

The contract for temporary site searches will last between one and three years.
New finite-duration temporary sites: 1 – 3 years approximately.

It is anticipate that revenue generation from this lot may be between £100,000 and £3million.

Lot Two will see the appointment suppliers to handle advertising across the city’s highways and bidders shall be tasked to plan and implement new advertising strategies to redefine roadside advertising in the UK and to propose a range of new opportunities to deliver revenue and offer the best financial rewards for any European city.

These contracts are expected to run from between five and 10 years and is anticipated to generate between £250,000 and £1million in revenue for the council.

Lot Three will cover digital advertising across the city as the council looks to develop technologies and its use of information screens to enhance its reputation in the digital field and deploy new, emerging technology to carry advertising.

This contract will last between three and 10 years, during which time Birmingham will look to have strengthened its credentials as a leader in digital technology and will look to generate between £150,000 and £1million as a result.

The Fourth Lot will look to appoint suppliers to oversee advertising within council buildings and facilities including car parks, leisure centres, libraries and staff uniforms.

A consortia approach may be taken in this appointment which may last between three-to-five years, due to the scale of the project which is anticipated to net revenues of up to £500,000.

Lot Five will cover sales and sales management services for the Council’s magazines & publications including other printed materials for up to three years as it looks to make around £500,000.

Finally, Lot Six will oversee advertising on the Councils fleet of over three hundred vehicles for up to thee years for which is hopes to make over £50,000.

Invitations to tender were expected to be received before December of last year with decisions and appointments expected to be made in the coming weeks.


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